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Most items are only as good as the foundational pieces that go into making them. And it’s true regardless of what you’re talking about, from baking a cake to constructing a metal railing for a staircase.

Professionals and manufacturers know that the only way to make quality products is with quality materials. At Equitable Steel Corporation, we want to make sure your company has the impressive raw metal products you need for your manufacturing processes. This has led us to become a respected metal supplier in Bronx, NY, known to deliver exceptional materials and fantastic customer service.

We offer the support of our metal service center across the marketplace to businesses and contractors of all sizes. Customers know they can turn to us for the materials they need.

Businesses from a wide range of industries – original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), job shops, tool and die shops, and more – come to us when they are in need of steel products, aluminum products, or quality metal processing. Once clients have worked with us, they choose to stay with us due to the beneficial, long-lasting professional relationships that we build with them. Contact us today for metal, service, and competitive pricing that is second-to-none.

Our long-term customers know they can get the support they need from our team. That is important to us because it shows that our dedicated staff offers the thorough service that our customers depend upon time after time. It gives our clientele assurances our materials are of the highest quality and available to meet their timeline. Our affordable prices also mean that we help you keep within your budget for your needs or those of your end-user customers. We help you meet your specifications with metals that are of the consistency and gauge you are seeking.

Because we have a tremendous amount of experience in the industry, you can turn to our metal service center with any requirements for your order, large or small, and we’ll do our best to fill it for you as soon as possible. We understand that for many projects, time is money, and we keep that in mind when providing you with the inventory you need.

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About Us

Since 1958, manufacturers from all over the globe have depended on us for the finest metal services. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified metal service center specializing in steel products, but capable of working with many different types of common and hard-to-find metal products.

A family-owned-and-operated business, our father and son co-owners ­­­­­– Irwin and Mark Brande ­­– have more than 70 years of combined experience in the metal industry. They have both earned undergraduate degrees in engineering as well as master’s degrees in business administration. Combine this with their expertise in manufacturing companies, and you have a team that really knows what they are doing.

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