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Professionals and manufacturers know that quality products start with quality materials. At Equitable Steel, we are dedicated to providing companies with quality raw metal and related products for their manufacturing processes. As a respected metal supplier in Bronx, NY, our clients trust us to deliver exceptional materials and even better customer service. Businesses from a wide range of industries--original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), tool and die shops, job shops, and more--come to us for our quality metal, friendly service, and competitive pricing. Once clients have worked with us once, they choose to stay with us due to the long-lasting, beneficial professional relationships that we build with every single client.

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About Us

Since 1958--over six decades ago--manufacturers from all over the globe have depended on Equitable Steel for the finest metal services. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified metal service center located in the Bronx, NY. Our experts inventory, process, and sell raw metal materials. We specialize in steel products; however, we carry many different types of common and hard-to-find metal products.

We are proud to be a family-owned-and-operated business. Our co-owners, father and son team Irwin and Mark Brandes, have more than 70 years of combined experience in the metal industry. Both men have undergraduate degrees in engineering, master's degrees in business administration, and extensive experience in manufacturing companies.

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A Unique Metal Supplier

Experience isn’t the only thing on our side. We stand out as a one-of-a-kind metal supplier because we take advantage of a winning combination of work ethic and modern methodology. Leveraging today’ top technologies to deliver durable products that stand up to pressure and give your applications the strong start necessary for success, we provide metal that accomplishes more, adds greater value, and extends our clients’ capabilities.

In today’s competitive markets, the advantage of a secure supply chain is crucial to stay ahead and deliver the results that demanding consumers need to maintain their relationship with you. It’s a responsibility we understand, and it’s why we take the quality of our raw metal materials so seriously.

Committed to Continual Success

We don’t just want to be one advantage available to you. Our goal is to be the deciding factor in your success whenever and wherever possible. Why? Because the power of industry starts with input, and there’s no substitute for a strong foundation.

When every part of your business depends on the reliability of your metal, you can’t afford less than the leading supplier. Whether you need processing, raw materials, or robust metal products like reinforcements and lockboxes, make us your first call--we’ll make sure you never need to worry about making a second.

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