Metal Products

Metal Products in Bronx, NY

Are you looking for a metal supplier, raw metal materials, or a plethora of other metal products in Bronx, NY? Your search ends with Equitable Steel. Companies choose us for our large variety of raw metal materials, including common and hard-to-find metal products. We accommodate large and small order quantities. Contact us today.

Putting You First

As fellow professionals and business owners, we understand that companies have to effectively deal with many different partners in order to be successful. We believe that these interactions can – and should – be positive and beneficial to both parties. For this reason, we strive to offer the best and friendliest customer service possible. We're not satisfied until you are satisfied.

The vast majority of our team has a background in engineering, meaning we have the knowledge and skills to solve any metal problems that come our way. Depend on us to work diligently to provide solutions for your company.

HA Wide Variety of Metals

You're sure to be impressed by all the products we can offer your business. Our product line includes the following metals in all finishes and tempers:

• Stainless Steel
• Aluminum
• Carbon Steel
• Exotic Steel
• Cold Rolled Steel - Matte & Bright Finishes
• Hot Rolled, Pickled & Oiled Steel
• Hot Rolled Steel
• Hot Dip Galvanized Steel & Galvanneal
• Electro Zinc Steel
• Aluminized Steel
• Galvalume
• High Carbon Steel - C1020 to C1095
• Stainless Steel - All Alloys
• Aluminum - All Alloys
• Tin Plate
• Brass Plate
• Nickel Plate
• Brass
• Alloy Steel

Our Processing Capabilities

Regardless of the products you create at your company, we can provide the raw materials to get you started. Trust us to provide metal products to meet any requirement. We have the following processing capabilities:

• Slitting
• Shearing
• Edge Rolling
• Leveling
• Cutting to Length
• Roll Forming
• Flame Cutting
• Fabricating

Available Forms of Metal

Our facility is a busy place. We're always producing different varieties and forms of metal for our clients. We can provide metal in the following forms:

• Coils
• Sheets
• Strips
• Blanks
• Tubes
• Bars
• Structural Shapes
• Wires

Door Parts

Equitable steel is also known for our selection of door parts, including:

• Hinge Reinforcements • Strike Boxes • Cylinder Lockboxes • Pressure Clamps • Mortise Lockboxes