Metal Products

Top-Quality Metal Products from Bronx, NY

Get the metal materials your company needs from Equitable Steel Corporation. We provide a variety of quality metal products in Bronx, NY, to meet your manufacturing and industrial needs. Both raw materials and exotic metal goods are available in abundance, and we’re prepared to accommodate orders of all sizes. Call our office to learn more.

Whether you are looking for steel or aluminum, we have everything you need. Equitable Steel Corporation has an enormous metal selection in a range of finishes and tempers. These include:

• Stainless Steel - All Alloys
• Aluminum - All Alloys
• Carbon Steel
• Exotic Steel
• Cold Rolled Steel - Matte & Bright Finishes
• Hot Rolled, Pickled, and Oiled Steel
• Hot Rolled Steel
• Hot Dip Galvanized Steel and Galvanneal
• Electro Zinc Steel
• Aluminized Steel
• Galvalume
• High Carbon Steel - C1020 to C1095
• Tin Plate
• Brass Plate
• Nickel Plate
• Brass
• Alloy Steel

We Put Clients First

As fellow business owners, we understand the need for different partners with mutually beneficial interactions. That’s why, in our work as a quality metal manufacturer, we always offer exceptional services. Our team isn’t satisfied until you are. Most of our staff has engineering backgrounds with the skills to provide you with the metal support you require.

No matter what products you manufacture, we supply the raw materials to get you started. We offer them in an array of styles and have the processes to shape and form your materials as needed. Some of our processing capabilities are:

• Slitting
• Shearing
• Edge Rolling
• Leveling
• Cutting to Length
• Roll Forming
• Flame Cutting
• Fabricating

Our Metal Forms

Whether you need plate steel or sheets of aluminum, as a top custom metal form manufacturer in New York, we have the solutions you need. Some of the metal forms we offer include:

• Coils
• Sheets
• Strips
• Blanks
• Tubes
• Bars
• Structural Shapes
• Wires

There's nothing wrong with assembly line metal pieces, but the one thing they can't provide is a custom, tailored, or unique product. When it comes to metal parts, a custom metal form manufacturer is the way to go. Here are the top advantages of choosing Equitable Steel Corporation for your custom metal fabrication:

Custom Tailored for Your Needs

Not all metal parts can be bought in a store. With a custom metal form manufacturer, you'll get the right custom metal part to fit your unique needs. In addition to choosing the measurement specifications for the part, you also get to choose the material.

Contact us when you are looking for a custom metal form manufacturer in New York for your manufacturing business.

Quick and Efficient Work

Do you need something for a cast-and-form or a cut-and-roller job? If they're out of your particular part at the store, then we could create one that's an even better fit for your project.

Craftsmanship and Skills

No project is an ordinary job. It takes a team of highly-skilled laborers and craftsmen to pull off custom metal making, and by choosing a custom metal form manufacturer like Equitable Steel Corporation; you'll work with the best.